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Darshan Guidelines

When meeting with Swamiji please observe the following:

  • Mobile phones – Please switch off mobile phone
  • Dress – No shorts, please (this applies to men and women) or short skirts. Dress modestly in clean, comfortable clothing
  • Alcohol & cigarettes – Do not drink alcohol or smoke before Darshan
  • Silence – Please maintain silence or meditate while waiting for Darshan with Swami
  • Touching Swami – Please do not touch Swami at any time.
  • On Meeting Swami – To greet a spiritually divine soul such as Swami it is customary to show respect by folding your hands in the prayer position – “Namaste”.
  • Children – Swami warmly welcomes children. Parents and carers are asked to encourage children to sit quietly
  • Donations – There is no charge for Darshan, but donations for Swami’s humanitarian work are always welcome
  • Photos – In general please do not take photos of Swami without his permission.