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Project: Land purchase for medicinal garden and building of laboratory in India


Swami knows that there are many people suffering in the world with serious illness, such as HIV, Aids, cancer, asthma, heart disease, skin complaints etc. and with his insight knows how he would be able to help them.

Part of his vision is to plant a large medicinal garden, filled with trees, plants and herbs that could be used for making naturopathic, ayurvedic and homoeopathic medicines. These would be grown to the highest organic standards with no use of pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers. To facilitate this he would need to build a special laboratory.

Swami has already seen a very beautiful piece of land outside Kerala which would help to fulfill his spiritual purpose to bring good health and mental peace and happiness to all who seek his help. The money Swami will need to raise to buy this land is 550,000 Euros. In addition, money would also have to be raised for the construction costs of the laboratory.

Swami is inviting everyone to donate whatever they can afford to support this humanitarian project. The act of donating, especially supporting the mission of a spiritual master, will help your dharma* as well as both your ancestral lineage and your current family.

For a few moments, Swami would like you to contemplate how many people are involved in worldly attachments and how much money and wealth is misused and spent daily on material objects and self-centred pursuits – such as alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. Imagine the outcome if even a small percentage of this went to a worthy cause to help humanity.

Swami is inviting you to participate in his vision and mission to buy the land and support the people. Please see below for contact details if you wish to make a donation for this project.

Any contribution you are able to make, with an open heart, will be warmly received.




  • India

Shanti Madom Trust


Tel: (+91) 497 277 0387


  • Netherlands

Stichting Shanti Madom


Tel (Cell/Mob): (+31) 6227 42488


  • United Kingdom

Atmachaithanya Charitable Trust (UK)


Tel: (+44) 20 8699 6980


*Dharma is a sanskrit word/concept often translated as “righteousness” or “living one’s life according to the codes of conduct of the natural universal laws”. This enables a person to live a contented life, contribute to a happy, peaceful society, helps him to avoid suffering and is the basis of spiritual life.