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Guru Samadhi Day Celebration – 25 February 2016

Every year Swamiji celebrates the Mahasamadhi of his Guru, Ramananda Saraswati, on 25th February in his Shanti Madom Ashram in Kerala.

This year it will be the 36th Anniversary of Guru Samadhi Day and everyone is warmly invited to participate. Below is the schedule of the day:

Morning programme

06:30 – Nitya (daily) Puja and Guru Puja (Light offering to the Divine).

09:00 – Nama Japa (Repetition of the name of the Divine).

11:00 – Spiritual talk by Rajeshvarier Poomangalam and Swamiji’s Blessings speech.

13:00 – Prasadam Bhojanam (feeding all participants with homemade Keralan food blessed by Swamiji).

Afternoon programme

15:30 – Arati (Light Puja) and Prasadam distribution.

Every devotee is most welcome to attend this Samadhi Puja function and celebration. Swami wishes everyone happiness, peace and Prosperity.

With blessings,
Swami Atmachaithanya