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Report from Tallinn, Estonia, in response to Swami’s recent visit

Dear Swami,

You asked me to write about the days which You spent in Tallinn.

Firstly, I would like to thank You for everything. I am sure that all the other people who met You would do the same if they had such opportunity.

As for me, these four days were the most happy, alive and intensive in the past six years.

I think that for many people, this meeting was like a fresh breath of air among routine, grey days.

This event united many people. This is very good because there is too much separation in our world and that is why such moments are so precious.

I was lucky. I could take part and observe everything from the first steps and letters until the end of the event itself. And I feel that this is not the end but the beginning of other ways and possibilities.

Many interesting things and new understanding opened up.

Your coming here was a sign and very significant – threads of many destinies were twisted together. There was such feeling that behind and above all is Divine Force. Like an invisible hand helping and directing people how and when to do better. It seemed that all was in the right place in the right moment.

We met Swami joyfully and simply with flowers, candles and Siva mantra.

Afterwards, I went to prepare the hall and together with my mother and friends, we did all the preparations and then the first people started to arrive. It was an unusual and responsible experience to prepare this first visit.

On this and the following days, it was visible that most people who came were attentive, focused and ready to accept what Swami gave to them. They did not want to lose those precious moments and absorbed with gratitude, the life-giving water of meetings and blessings. Those persons whose hearts were open received a great deal.

I am sure that many will remember chanting mantras and singing bhajans, as well as the personal blessings and blessed objects which will keep warm the memory of the meeting.

I heard from many people that they have received the impulse for a new direction in their life and development.

Several times I translated when someone came to Swami searching for help and answers; everyone received His advice and also His inspiration, hope, kindness and attention and it was a good experience for me to see this.

On the Wednesday, we performed Ganesha Puja. It was a very interesting – and not simple, event. It was a seed which will grow later and at the same time, it was a result of much previous effort.

It is all one. Only a small part is visible from the outside. It all has a deeper purpose and far-reaching consequences – something more global occurs, it is not just for the group of people who participate in the Puja.

During these days, there was a feeling that the sacred can appear in a human being’s life. It is possible; and if somebody searches sincerely, the door will open and help will come.

Sincerely yours,


Tallinn, Estonia