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Birthday Message 21 March 2015

Today is your Guru’s birthday. The biggest gift one can give his or her Guru is to follow the Guru’s footsteps and live life in accordance with the Guru’s words. On this day I earnestly pray for world peace and understanding. This, my dear children, will be possible if each one of us will fill our heart with love, joy and peace.

You can take a mantra from your Guru and the Guru Mantra will take you to your goal in life. Behold this – if you live in complete surrender to Almighty God then you will enjoy everlasting eternal bliss. Each and everyone should be thinking and acting for good only. Do good, be good, see good!

People have taken birth to complete their own duty and karma. Whenever we take human form we should not forget our duty and what we came to do. Do not waste time in this material world by being involved with material things.

Whenever we find a spiritual master this will give us a wonderful opportunity to understand our dharma and uplift the darkness; this, in turn, will bring about harmony and peace. Spiritual consciousness is eternal. It is the only permanent trait in man. However, because spiritual awareness is often dormant in the subconscious, humanity must make a vigorous effort on a mass scale to bring this up to the surface.

Enter the realm of infinity and find all are children of the one parent. Be always in the union of unconditional love. Man made all distinctions and differentiation; God made unity and oneness.

I swim in the boundless ocean of love. In this ocean of love I find eternal happiness and bliss. Eternal splendour encompasses me. While wandering in this illusionary world, when He touches my hand I merge in Divinity and I reach the divine feet of my universal Mother and Father.

Everyone must lead their life in accordance with dharma (righteousness). This is possible only through spiritual learning and practise.

I wish all of you to lead a very spiritually content, righteous life and thereby attain inner light and eternal happiness. Be ever in bliss and always in the wisdom of harmony and eternal peace.

Dear devotees and disciples, you are all welcome to attend my birthday celebrations on 21st March  [see under News/Swami’s messages].