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Swami’s Christmas message 2015

Blessed Souls,

I wish everyone a very happy Christmas. Let us celebrate the birth of Jesus, the symbol of pure love and compassion. Jesus, the favourite son of God, took life on earth to teach us love and sacrifice.

At a time when values disappeared from earth and people were in the grip of satanic tendencies, Jesus took life and showed people how to live and love one another. He showed no differentiation – the rich, the poor, the healthy, the weak, the glorified, the untouchables, the sinners, the lepers – were all the same to him – afterall they were all the creations of his beloved Father. He showed by his example – how we must foster brotherhood and tolerance. He showed them love and faith but people gave him pain and sorrow. He bore the cross for the sake of humanity but no one realized his message and the purpose of birth. Even as he was crucified, he didn’t cry for himself but cried to God asking Him to forgive them who knew not what they were doing. This was his message of selfless love and sacrifice.

Today we see fear, hatred and anger everywhere. So now is the time for us to have steadfast loyalty and uphold the ideals of Jesus. His life is his message to us.

Jesus continues to live in the hearts of the people who love him. He answers to those who call him earnestly. Even today Jesus shines like the Sun, ever radiating the message of love, unity and peace, proclaiming the glory of God.

May Jesus bless you all and may all of you resolve to walk the path as shown by Jesus and be embodiments of love, peace and universal brotherhood.

Swamy Athmachaithanya

December, 2015