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Swami’s New year Message 2016

I wish you all a very happy New Year as we enter into 2016! May you all be healthy, happy, prosperous, content and peaceful.

Do not dwell on what you have lost, the misunderstandings of the past or the miseries you underwent. Instead, think positive and focus on the good things you have today and the bright tomorrow. Work on your present to brighten your future.

Every minute is valuable, every second is precious in this age. Use it to do worthwhile service. Always remember – Service to Humanity is Service to God. So don’t waste any opportunity to serve others. God will be very pleased with you. Serving and caring for others will make your heart blossom divinely. You will feel uplifted and elated by constant service.

Only when there is love and unity, will there be joy and happiness in our lives. God resides in the hearts of all living beings – men and animals. Always remember this and whoever you can support, you must support! Natural calamities and man-made disasters always teach us the importance of loving and helping one another.

Pray for happiness and peace. I wish you all the very best in the coming year and may all your dreams be fulfilled by the grace of God. May you help one another as an extension of God.

Swami Athmachaithanya
January 2016