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Swami’s message for Ascension Day

Some time after his crucifixion, Jesus ascended into heaven. When people celebrate this ‘Ascension Day’, a lightening of the spirit takes place – it is as if a window opens up into heaven, helping us to connect to that calm light, while still here on Earth.

Jesus Christ was an embodiment of love, yet he was crucified. It is not that his love has failed – in crucifixion it has found its triumph and fulfilment, for it shows that love sacrifices itself completely and demands nothing in return. The crucifixion was as willed by the Divine. Through that supreme sacrifice, he drew many millions towards him and is still doing so today. The crucifixion was a landmark in the history of the world, by which millions were turned Godward and were saved.

Such purity of heart, such unconditional love and compassion – this is the nature of the saints and the great spiritual masters, those who are the embodiment of the Supreme. As such, we always remember him. He is always in our heart.

The love and compassion of this great soul is still in action today. From his exalted place, he pours forth an endless stream of light and grace. He longs for every soul to be with him in glory, and his prayer is that all may turn their eyes heavenward and undertake that journey, the supreme journey of the soul, back to its pristine state of joy, ennobled by the wisdom that is born from experience. The life of Jesus was the epitome of that journey through dark experience into the highest heaven. Even in the darkness, the glory of heaven is always within our hearts, enlightening our thoughts where it can. Through the doorway within the heart, a host of divine beings chant the glory of God, encouraging our thoughts to ascend step by step. In time, all will stand together within that light, and find fulfilment.

Swami Atmachaithanya

6 May 2016