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Swamiji on the subject of the ‘Guru’

Who is a real Guru? He who is leading us to righteousness, spiritual advancement and removing worldly duality is a spiritual Master.

In this world who should be called a Guru? What viewpoints should a Guru have and foster? Who should one accept as their Guru? What should be the behaviour of a Guru who is entrusted by the Divine to lead people on the right path? What should be a Guru’s goal? Spiritual seekers need to have a good awareness of the answers to these questions.

Spiritual seekers clearly benefit under the guidance of a Guru who helps them to advance spiritually (avoiding that the seekers stumble into possible pitfalls or deviate from the path), as well as to become more compassionate and loving towards others and themselves and more disciplined in their sadhana (spiritual practice) and conduct in life.

Worldly perceptions affect one’s vision. A Guru essentially removes worldly illusion and spiritual ignorance that has filled a seeker’s life, and makes the seeker aware of the universal truth and reality which is nothing but Advaita or non-duality. You and Me are in fact one and the same. A real Guru extols the virtue of Advaita!

  • A real Guru is endowed with a pure heart and broad mind and will never show duality and indifference.
  • The Sun dispels darkness of the entire world and gives energy to all living things.
  • A doctor helps all mankind and bestows health to all.
  • A teacher removes ignorance of all human beings.
  • An educational institution helps all students to attain knowledge.
  • Only one who has mastered all the tattwas (aspects of reality) and imbibed the message of oneness can be called a real Guru.

To a real Guru nothing will remain hidden and at the same time to a real Guru there is no separation or hatred. All Gurus are respected and loved by the real Guru. A true Guru sees unity and oneness everywhere and would never prohibit a devotee from meeting or assisting another Guru. The Atmachaithanya team who organises Swamiji’s tour find it surprising when they come across people who have come to see Swamiji seeking help or solutions to their problems, who then decline to be involved in our functions, programmes or satsangs.

The ancient Rishis (sages) had purity of heart and vastness in thoughts and that is how they gained the right focus in life which they were able to impart to seekers thereby they could remove their sorrows and spiritual unawareness. A Guru who can teach his/her disciples to realise this and lead commendable lives by demonstrating oneness can be called a genuine Guru.

Once we are in proximity of such a real Guru we must strive towards understanding the reality of this universe and attain true awareness. In this infinite unending universe may all ignorance melt away and let the Guru enlighten true consciousness and reality in the seeker which will emphasise that all Gurus are one and there is no difference between you and me.

With love and blessings,

Swami Atmachaithanya