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Swami’s Christmas Message 2016

Blessed Souls,

To all my loved ones who are believers in Christ, I send you my hearty Christmas wishes.

May this uplifting day fill you with unconditional love and the joy of brotherhood. Just like making a beautiful garland by joining different flowers in a single string, may you all unite with mutual love, understanding and like-mindedness. Just like a beautiful necklace can be made with different coloured beads or crystals, the world can be resplendent with different kinds of people who revel in love, unity, faith and tolerance.

If love and unity is our foundation, it will always be our strength. For as long as this world exists, man should love, cooperate with and help one another on the path of righteousness, justice and truth. To this end I pray for your hearts, minds, thoughts and feelings to come together.

Dear Lord Jesus suffered many hardships and made many sacrifices. Though he was the son of God, He went through all the trials and tribulations of a mere mortal to show us that He is one among us and we should follow His path of mercy, love and tolerance.

His love and sacrifice will ever stay etched in the hearts of His followers as an eternal, beautiful truth. Always remember His golden merciful words and may that guide us to nurture love & harmony. May we all live in eternal peace and contentment.

May this coming new year shower good bounty and happiness on all of you. Forget all your past setbacks and sorrows. The coming days will bring you joy, happiness and cheer!

May the believers of different paths unite and shine like the glowing and radiant sun that shines brightly for all alike. May you shine so brightly that it will remove ignorance and usher in wisdom, light and knowledge.

Love, compassion and mercy is the bridge that will unite us. It must be there for us to do good in this world.

Wishing you all the very best for a bright and prosperous New Year!

With love and blessings
Swami Atmachaithanya