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Swami Atmachaithanya (pronounced atma-chai-thanya, and sometimes spelt ‘Athmachaithanya’ or ‘Atmachaitanya’) is a Holy man from South India.

The content of Swami’s teaching has been passed down from the ancient rishis (the ancient sages of India) via the traditional Gurus (gu – darkness; ru – that which dispels; Self-Realised spiritual masters) following the ancient Vedic wisdom of Sanatana Dharma (the “Eternal Truth”), which lies at the foundations of Hinduism.

Although this tradition forms the background of Swami’s work, all are welcome to visit Him – irrespective of different backgrounds and belief systems – to receive His blessings and to experience the unconditional love and light which Swami radiates to everyone.

Swami is from a small village just outside Kannur (formerly ‘Cannanore’) in Kerala, South India. He has three ashrams.

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Every year Swami travels around the world to visit devotees and spiritual seekers in different countries including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.