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Swami’s 55th birthday on 4 April 2019

To our dearest beloved Gurudev, Swami Atmachaithanya,

Your birthday is a day of great celebration for all of us and this being your 55th birthday is all the more special for us. You have showered on us the immense joy and bliss of awakening the inner divinity in us. Your unconditional love and compassion always grants us happiness, peace and harmony.

Your loving guidance leads us on the path of righteousness and Dharma. You are always residing in all of our hearts and you have always absorbed our pain and sorrows. You always remove the ignorance and darkness that infects our hearts and minds. You illuminate it with the loving light of spiritual wisdom. All your advice and guidance on each and every step of our lives shows us the path of divinity and happiness. We cherish your love and affection and always seek your blessings and prayers.

By selflessly serving the poor and downtrodden you have showed us how important it is to help one another and you have very beautifully explained no matter how small a charitable deed is, if it is done with love and affection, God will definitely see it.

In these times of hatred and strife, you grant us succour and courage, making us universal citizens caring for the entire universe and praying for everyone’s wellbeing.

On every occasion your advice and companionship has showered us with divine light and your life itself is a valuable lesson for us and your loving glance infuses inner confidence, peace and divinity in us.
We are very happy to celebrate your birthday our dear Spiritual Master!

There is not a more joyous day than your birthday – when our Guru was gifted to this earth by the universal mother. A day we cherish very dearly, our Loving Guru’s birthday.

On this auspicious birthday, we, your humble devotees lovingly wish you a very Happy Birthday. May you spread unconditional love, peace and harmony all over the word. May more people benefit from your spiritual wisdom and may you give relief to all the lost and suffering people.

May your light engulf us all and making us shine in your brilliance like the moon shines with the help of the sun.

I offer my humble prostrations at the Guru’s Divine Lotus Feet. Eternally offering our services to Guru.

Seeking to be just a tiny speck of dust permanently under our Guru’s lotus feet.

With lots of love and prayers,
A Devotee